Making the decision to get dental implants in Dallas, TX can be a hard one if you are do not know too much about them. To make it much easier for you to decide if they are right for you, here are some dental implant facts that everyone should know.

1. Dental implants are not just for older people. The percentage of adults who have lost all of their teeth is 31.02. This number shows that tooth loss is an epidemic that can affect anyone. Although good oral hygiene can help to lessen the risk of tooth loss, there are other factors to consider about tooth loss, such as injury and health concerns.

2. Teeth implants are more desirable than dentures. They do not require any adhesive or removal, making them an ideal tooth replacement option for anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of low maintenance. Regular brushing, flossing and dental visits are all that are required to maintain them for life.

3. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss in the jaw area. Dental implants help to protect against future bone loss in the oral cavity. This often leads to a slimmer appearance in the face and can cause remaining teeth to move out of place, resulting in a crooked smile. Dental implants help to protect against future bone loss in the oral cavity.

4. Implants do not have to be replaced if they are cared for properly. Unlike dentures and bridges, which require replacement every few years, or sooner if they become broken or damaged, implants are more durable and stable teeth replacement options.

5. Implants have a lower lifetime cost than other teeth replacement options, making them the most cost-effective choice for replacing missing teeth.

Thanks to dental implants, tooth loss is no longer a challenge. Even people who are not enamored of dentures can have their smiles restored.

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