For many people, going to the dentist is far from an enjoyable experience. If you have a difficult time receiving necessary treatment because you suffer from dental anxiety, the office of Dr. Michael Neeley may recommend the use of sedation dentistry.

Are You a Candidate?

Please keep in mind that not everyone is required to utilize the advantages of sedation dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee, when they come in for an office visit. However, you may be an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry if you:

  • Experience extreme levels of anxiety and fear before you come in for a dental appointment
  • Had a traumatic experience receiving dental care in the past
  • Have teeth that are extremely sensitive to pain
  • Are afraid of shots and needles
  • Have a difficult time coping with the smells, sounds, and tastes associated with receiving dental care

It is also important to remember, that it is not only those with dental anxiety that can benefit from sedation dentistry. In many situations, we utilize sedation dentistry when performing a complex procedure or only a limited amount of time is provided to complete treatment. Additionally, we may utilize sedation dentistry if it is difficult to numb the mouth accordingly.

The Two Main Types of Sedation

At our office, we provide two main types of sedation dentistry, which include oral sedation and local anesthetic. If we recommend oral sedation, you will consume a pill about an hour before your appointment, allowing you to feel calm and relaxed. Comparatively, if a local anesthetic is recommended, appropriate medication will be injected into your cheek or gum to effectively numb the area.

If you struggle with high levels of anxiety and fear when you visit our office, please inform us so that we may introduce you to our sedation dentistry options. You can contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Neeley by calling (214) 705-3532.