Sleep apnea affects millions of people across the U.S. Many cases of sleep apnea in Dallas, TX, are obstructive, which means something blocks the airway while sleeping. This often leads to snoring and trouble sleeping not just for the person with the sleep apnea, but also for any partners sleeping in the same room. There are some treatment options available to reduce the effects of sleep apnea, including weight loss and wearing a CPAP machine at night. A new solution uses a laser system called NightLase®. Here are three reasons you might want to ask about this revolutionary treatment option.

1. No Equipment Needed While Sleeping

NightLase® treatment is completed through three sessions over the course of six weeks. There is no equipment you have to take home with you, which means you do not have to wear anything while sleeping. This makes the treatment a great option for qualified individuals who might have difficulty keeping with a CPAP through the night.

2. Clinical Studies Show Success

Most studies to date have been completed in Europe, but studies are starting to take off in the U.S. as well. So far, many individuals have found anywhere from 30 to 80 percent improvement with sleep quality and snoring reduction. This is promising for a treatment that is still relatively new. Finding a dentist qualified to use the laser system is important as well, to ensure positive results.

3. It Is Easy and Virtually Painless

NightLase® uses a laser to sculpt soft tissue and stimulate the reformation of collagen. This is to help raise the uvula, opening the airway wider so air can get through easier. The procedure is non-invasive and mostly painless. Used by a professional, there are minimal risks involved with treatment.

Learn More From Your Dentist

If you or your partner are having any trouble sleeping related to sleep apnea, NightLase® might be a viable solution for you. To learn more about the procedure and its risks and benefits, contact Dr. Michael Neeley today.