When you see our dentist in Dallas, TX after a tooth has been lost, several options will be available to you on how you want it replaced. Dental implants are a popular option because implants serve as a replacement for the tooth root, which is something you do not get with other restorations. Something many people ask about is dental implant cost. While each individual requires different needs, it is difficult to provide a concrete answer. However, here are some factors that contribute to cost:

 1. Number of Teeth

Replacing two missing teeth with dental implants costs more than a single implant. The best way to reduce the cost is to take care of your dental health. Preventing teeth from falling out can be accomplished by taking good care of your overall oral health.

 2. Other Procedures Needed

Some patients cannot receive dental implants right away. Other procedures might be needed first. For example, if you also have periodontal disease, then that condition will need to be treated first before implants can be placed. This is so the implant has a healthy foundation in which to reside. Additionally, some patients have lower jaw bone density that others. If the bone is not strong enough to support the implant, then a bone graft procedure may be required. If the implant needs to be placed close to your sinuses, then a sinus lift may be recommended.

 3. Need for an Extraction

 f the entire tooth structure is already gone, then you can get straight to work getting the dental implant. However, if part of the tooth is still there but is severely damaged, then the remaining structure will need to be extracted. This procedure increases the overall cost.

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