Many people have heard about using dentures, either full or partial, to replace missing teeth for the elderly. Although losing permanent teeth does happen as you age, the loss of a permanent tooth can affect anyone at virtually any age. Although a suitable option for many, dentures are not the only treatment available for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Michael Neeley might also recommend dental implants in Dallas, TX, if you are a good candidate.

What They Are

Implants are prosthetic teeth that are set directly into your jawbone. They consist of three parts: a titanium implant, an abutment, and a thin crown. The titanium implant is designed to meld with your jawbone over time, providing a secure base for the entire device. The abutment helps attach the crown, which is designed to look like a normal tooth. Because it sits down in your jawbone, the implant helps to prevent bone loss or changes in your facial structure, keeping the shape of your face healthier. The implants are permanent and can function just like your normal teeth. This also means that you do not have to remove and clean them each night; you can just clean them the way you normally clean your teeth.

Dental Implants have been around for well over 20 years and patients still report optimal functionality. Should you choose to receive this treatment, your implants should serve you well for many years to come.

When You Might Need Them

You might need implants if you have lost teeth due to an injury, gum disease, or age. If you plan on opting for implant supported dentures, you will also likely need an implant or two. It is very important for patients considering implant surgery to have a strong jawbone and high bone density. Individuals with more delicate bone structures may not qualify for this type of treatment.

Consider Your Options

There are a variety of options Dr. Neeley can discuss with you if you suffer from missing teeth. To learn more about dental implants in Dallas, TX and other options for missing teeth, call (214) 705-3532.