Anyone looking to replace missing teeth in Dallas, TX, may benefit from dental implants. For generations, the only options available to replace missing and fractured teeth were dentures and bridges. Now, thanks to technology and innovative science, patients who have been affected by unattractive smiles can now gain a new sense of confidence, with a smile they are proud to display.

September is a great time for those affected by missing teeth, to acquire dental implants. It is important for patients to remedy their missing teeth by replacing them promptly, in order to avoid any adverse side effects. Missing teeth may cause unwanted changes to the facial structure, with a shrunken and aged appearance, due to a reduction in bone tissue. It is not uncommon to also develop a pronounced overbite, difficulties consuming food, and other associated dental issues, leading to increased discomfort and dissatisfaction. According to Dr. Michael Neely, these issues can be avoided with the use of dental implants and proper oral hygiene.

Important benefits of dental implants include:

 ·         Transforms the appearance and function of the teeth

 ·         Improves the shape of the face

 ·         Protects other teeth from residual damage

 ·         Improves oral health

 ·         Improves outlook on life

 ·         Increases self-confidence and awareness

Dental implants are comprised of a special material that simulates the functionality and appearance of real teeth. Although dental implants are more durable, they are not impervious to damage. Those who opt for the option of prosthetic teeth should be aware that routine dental visits are necessary, in order to maintain optimal oral hygiene. With proper care, dental implants may be the only replacement solution you ever require.

Since tooth loss often occurs from poor dental hygiene or unforeseen circumstances, many people often feel ashamed of their condition, preventing them from seeking help. Dr. Neely helps to restore patient confidence by giving them dental prosthetics (implants) and exceptional care, providing them with a smile they will love for life.

Dr. Neely encourages all patients in the Dallas, TX area to schedule an appointment, to learn more about how they can improve their oral health and appearance with dental implants. Call (214) 705-3537 to schedule your appointment today.