Will My Diet Change with Veneers?

January 11, 2023

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Don’t like your smile? You’re not alone! Many people are unhappy with their teeth for several different reasons, including staining, discoloration, misalignment, chips, cracks, and gaps. Luckily, you can easily improve the appearance of your pearly whites with custom-made veneers. These ultra-thin sheaths of dental-grade porcelain can mask almost any dental imperfection! Before moving forward with treatment, you probably want to know whether or not there will be a diet change. Read on to learn what to expect with your new smile!

What Can I Eat with Temporary Veneers?

After digital impressions are taken of your smile, it’ll take a few weeks for your permanent veneers to be crafted in a laboratory. In the meantime, you’ll wear temporary ones to keep your smile safe while you wait for your permanent restorations. During that time, you should avoid the following foods:

  • Hard Foods – It’s a good idea to limit candy, popcorn, ice, raw vegetables, or anything else that is particularly hard.
  • Tough Meats – Meats that aren’t tender, like beef jerky, should be avoided.
  • Sticky Foods – Taffy and caramel are not good options with temporary veneers.
  • Hard Bread – If you enjoy toasted or crusty bread, you should until you’re no longer wearing temporary veneers to consume them.
  • Staining Foods – Foods like red wine, tomatoes, ketchup, berries, coffee, tea, and other staining foods should be avoided.

The good news is that you can still eat delicious foods like eggs, pasta, mashed potatoes, bananas, softer bread, chicken, and other non-staining foods while wearing temporary veneers. Just make sure it’s easy on your smile!

What Can I Eat with Permanent Veneers?

Once you get your custom-made veneers, you don’t have to worry as much about breakage or staining because they’ll be far more resilient than your temporary ones. Of course, there are still a few things you should avoid as they can damage your veneers. Here are some things to steer clear from:

  • Smoking – As you may already know, tobacco can stain your veneers over time. If you want to maintain a bright smile, you should stay away from it as much as possible.
  • Hard Foods – Just like your natural teeth, veneers are not indestructible. To keep them safe, you should limit extremely hard foods.
  • Alcoholic Beverages – The bonding material holding your veneers to your teeth can become damaged if you consume lots of alcoholic beverages.
  • Dark Liquids – Red wine, black tea, and coffee should only be consumed in moderation. If you like to consume these beverages, you should drink them through a straw and rinse your mouth afterward to prevent staining.

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