Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Dallas, TX

Let Us Answer Your Questions

You likely have many questions about your dental care, which is why we are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. At HJ Dental, it is our goal to provide honesty and transparency in all aspects of dentistry. Here are just a few examples of common questions we have received over the years.

How many times should I visit the dentist each year?

All patients should expect to visit the dentist’s office every six months or twice each year. This frequency can change depending on the needs of the individual, but the common schedule is biannual. These visits allow Dr. J to review a person’s oral health and make recommendations for treatment if necessary. Without timely care, problems can quickly evolve, resulting in serious issues that require complex and often costly procedures in the future.


If I’m unhappy with the look of my smile, what should I do?

Depending on the problems that exist within a patient’s smile, restorative and/or cosmetic care might be necessary. If the flaws are more aesthetic issues, teeth whitening, veneers, and even metal-free restorations can be enough to improve the look of a person’s smile. However, if cracks, chips, and missing teeth are the problems, restorative care can help to rebuild and restore smiles to their original beauty.


Can missing teeth remain untreated?

No. When suffering from missing teeth, it is essential that patients seek treatment as soon as possible. The only instances that do not require replacement are wisdom teeth. Otherwise, a thorough consultation must occur to determine which type of tooth replacement is best – dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Without timely care, the jawbone can begin to deteriorate, resulting in further tooth loss.


Do you offer services for children?

Yes, we do provide dental services for children. Families are welcome at HJ Dental, and we are committed to helping even young smiles achieve greater oral health as they transition into each new stage of life. From dental checkups and cleanings to silver diamine fluoride and dental sealants, we can help take care of growing teeth and gums even at the youngest age.


Will you accept my dental insurance?

Although we are out of network with dental insurance companies, we do accept and welcome PPO plans and will file necessary paperwork and claims on our patients’ behalf. This allows us to not be confined to the stipulations of an in-network agreement but instead, offer treatment that is best for the patient. Of course, we will work to help an individual save while receiving care, but we will not sacrifice quality, which our patients appreciate.