Gum Disease Treatment – Dallas, TX

Better Gum Health, Longer-Lasting Smile

An infection that forms within the gum tissues is known as periodontal (gum) disease. Common among half of all adults in the United States, many dental patients are unaware of their symptoms. With the help of HJ Dental, we can pinpoint problem areas in the earliest stages (gingivitis) and potentially reverse the signs. Otherwise, we offer options for gum disease treatment at our Dallas, TX dental office to make restoring your gum health a possibility for a longer-lasting smile. Call our dental office if you think you may need gum disease treatment.


Why Choose HJ Dental for Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Periolase Laser to Eliminate Harmful Bacteria
  • Comfortable Treatment & Amenities
  • In-House Membership Plan Available


Scaling & Root Planing

Animated smile during scaling and root planing gum disease treatment

Inflamed tissues are the result of gum disease – a bacteria that attacks the gums and poses a risk of tooth and bone loss. Using scaling and root planing, we can remove built-up plaque and tartar around the teeth and gums, effectively eliminating bad oral bacteria and improving the health of a person’s smile. Once the bacteria is removed from above and below the gumline (scaling), we will smooth out the tooth’s root (root planing), which allows proper reattachment of the gums and teeth as well as less risk for plaque to adhere to these surfaces in the future.


Laser Periodontal Therapy

Animated smile and laser gum disease treatment tool

Gum disease can lead to bone and tooth loss as well as more serious overall health conditions if left untreated. Using the Periolase laser, Dr. J can easily target bad oral bacteria. The concentrated beam of light offers optimal precision and accuracy while eliminating plaque and tartar build-up. With no vibration, heat, or sound, this unique instrument creates a more enjoyable experience while also reducing recovery times at home.