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Treating Migraines Successfully

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New research is finding that migraines may be the result of a “stress point” on the skull, created by the force of the powerful jaw muscles which can produce up to 156 lbs./sq inch. 

If you have been living with migraines, you know how bad the pain is and that it returns to the same place time after time.  This location can be traced back to a tooth, creating this  excessive pressure. Keep reading to learn more about migraine treatment from our Dallas, TX dentist. 


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The epicenter of migraine pain can be traced back to a specific tooth in many cases.

Think of it as a “mini” shock wave which travels up through the skull with the potential to irritate delicate nerves and blood vessels at the site of headache pain.

The force of the human bite is substantial, as much as 125 lbs,/sq inch, a very concentrated force.  This condition lays dormant until a trigger is encountered.  At that point the migraine begins.  However, when the bite is rebalanced, pressure is reduced, nerves and tiny blood vessels return to normal and the migraines begin to diminish.  In many cases they may go away for good.  What triggered the headache in the past now has no effect.  Now you can go ahead and have that glass of wine.  The co-morbidities of nausea and visual disturbances vanish as well.

We have had former migraine patients remain headache free for over 13 years and counting after two to three treatments.  No medication or invasive surgery is involved. This is a radical departure from traditional thinking, but the proof is in the testimonies.   Find out for yourself with an initial examination with Dr Neeley

Dr Neeley is the author of the book Cracking the Migraine Code: the Mystery of Migraine and Chronic Headaches. 

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Dr Neeley has been working with migraine headache patients for over 20 years and successfully completed over 200 cases.

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Do you experience headaches a few days a week or even every day? Do they get so bad that you have to miss work or time with friends and family? If you think you’ve tried everything, we have another option for you. Finally, we can help you remove the source of the pain so you have a brighter future ahead.

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