Veneers – Dallas, TX

Creating the Dazzling Smile You Deserve

Contrary to what many believe, most people aren’t born with perfect pearly whites. More importantly, teeth can typically begin to wear down after years of chewing, eating, talking, and using them regularly. That said, having dental flaws can often make it difficult to not be self-conscious about your smile. If you’re interested in repairing or correcting any imperfections in your teeth , our team at HJ Dental can enhance them with veneers in Dallas. If you wish to learn more about this popular cosmetic procedure, read along or give our office a call today and schedule your initial consultation!

Why Choose HJ Dental for Veneers?

  • Lifelike, Durable & Long-Lasting Dental Porcelain
  • Offers Alternative Financing Options
  • Professional, Dedicated & Caring Dental Staff

What Are Dental Veneers?

examples of veneers in Dallas

Veneers are the ideal solution for those who want to completely redesign their smile appearance. These wafer-thin and durable porcelain shells are specifically designed to fit over the front of any affected teeth you wish to alter or improve, whether it’s the shape, size, color, or all three! Even if you have one or multiple imperfections, veneers can provide the most comprehensive makeover for your smile. They’re typically used to address the following dental flaws:

  • Stubborn stains or discoloration
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Teeth that are naturally misshapen, small, or stubby
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Teeth that are slightly crooked or misaligned

The Process of Getting Veneers

a patient undergoing the process for veneers in Dallas

First, you’ll undergo an initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Dallas. After assessing your dental situation and determining that veneers are an ideal option for you, they’ll walk you through a detailed treatment plan. Once you’re on the same page, they’ll begin by removing a small amount of your enamel to make room for your porcelain shells. This way your veneers will fit seamlessly with the rest of your natural smile. We’ll then take impressions, send them to a dental lab for fabrication, and bond temporary ones on your exposed teeth.

Your final veneers will take approximately two weeks to complete. In the meantime, your provisional set will serve as a “trial run” for you to see how your permanent ones will look and function. After they’re finished, you’ll come back into our office to have your temporary ones removed and replaced with your final veneers. We’ll verify that they’re properly bonded and that your bite is comfortable. Once we’ve confirmed that you’re satisfied with your results, you’ll be sent on your way to show off and enjoy your newly enhanced smile!

The Benefits of Veneers

a patient receiving veneers in Dallas

Veneers offer one of the most comprehensive solutions for upgrading your pearly whites. Here are several advantages you can expect to enjoy from this treatment:

  • Durable and natural-looking results
  • Relatively quick and streamlined procedure
  • Requires minimal maintenance to preserve
  • Can potentially address enamel erosion (in some cases)
  • Can last as long as 15 years or more with proper care