Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Dallas, TX

Removing Unnecessary Teeth For Better Oral Health

Not all dental patients require the removal of their wisdom teeth; however, for individuals between the ages of 18 and 25, there is a high probability that wisdom tooth extractions from our Dallas, TX dentist will be necessary. While some teeth only partially erupt, others remain impacted or beneath the gumline. When this happens, it can cause intense pain and put remaining healthy teeth at risk. If you believe your teenager might need to have their wisdom teeth removed, call our dental office to schedule an appointment.


Why Choose HJ Dental for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Board-Certified Anesthesiologist
  • Sedation Dentistry Available
  • Intraoral Cameras for Enhanced Imaging


When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

Woman holding an extracted wisdom tooth


Wisdom teeth are often recommended for removal when a patient experiences one of the following:

  • Impaction of the wisdom teeth (beneath the gumline)
  • Partial eruption that is causing problems with oral health
  • Pain and inflammation developing around the gums
  • Orthodontic treatment requires more space to address overcrowding


Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Person brushing teeth to care for smile after wisdom tooth extraction


Once the wisdom tooth extraction is complete, patients will need to abide by a set of guidelines to ensure swift and successful healing. These tips include:

  • Getting plenty of rest the remainder of the day as well as the following day
  • Sleeping with the head elevated to minimize the amount of blood rushing to the face and causing discomfort
  • Changing out gauze as needed to reduce bleeding
  • Avoiding sipping through a straw, vigorous rinsing, spitting, or eating hard things, as these can dislodge the blood clots necessary for healing
  • Gently swish with warm salt water to flush out bad oral bacteria and encourage proper healing
  • Be mindful of brushing and flossing near the surgical sites